What are the Different Types of Freight?

What are the Different Types of Freight?

In today’s day and age, there exist many solutions to meet the needs of business organizations and supply chain demands. Freight transport is the total movement of raw materials and goods from one place to another by land, sea, or air.

There are many different freight options available, and you can decide which one suits your needs best. Whether you are a homeowner moving houses or running a small-scale business that requires the movement of goods, there are many options available for your preferred method of shipment.

There are 6 different types of freight options available:

1. Less Than Truckload Freight (LTL)

This type of freight transport is extremely popular as it is the most cost-effective, reliable and efficient service. It is timely service and is perfect for transporting smaller items. It allows you to combine your freight with that of other businesses, making it possible to transport the entire truckload without paying the full charges. It is somewhat like sharing the truckload with another business and is a popular freight shipping method

2. Full Truckload Freight

Full truckload freight, as the name suggests, is renting the entire truck and is the method used when you have a lot of items that are large in size and more in number. This method is most often used when moving houses across the country. This is also the preferred method to ship fragile packages and needs to be handled with care.

3. Intermodal Rail Freight

The intermodal rail freight method allows you to ship large bulk construction materials and those that are hazardous and need special care. This is a cost-effective, sustainable, and environmentally friendly method that is timely and can ship to far-off locations due to the vast network of railway systems.

4. Airfreight

Airfreight shipping is the fastest method to ship cargo. Airfreight shipping focuses more on delivering smaller packages and important documents which need to be delivered on an urgent basis. This is also the most expensive method of transport as compared to other methods.

5. Ocean Freight

This is the most cost-effective solution out of all freight options available and gives the option of shipping full or less than the container load of shipment. It also gives various transit time options to choose whatever suits your particular needs.

6. Expedited Freight

Expedited freight is the kind of freight that offers urgent deliveries on the same day. These deliveries are contract-based and usually handled by one carrier only and work towards delivering exclusive deliveries before the specified deadline.

In Conclusion

Many freight options exist mentioned above, but the important thing is to do your own research and decide which option suits you best and which service guarantees the most efficient, careful, and cost-effective handling and delivery of your precious goods.