Key Advantages of Road Freight Service

Key Advantages of Road Freight Service

Road freight service is the transport of goods from their point of dispatch to their destinations and involves trucks, vans, containers, trailers, and even motorbikes. It is the easiest, most efficient, and most affordable delivery service method out of all the other ones. Here are the advantages of road freight service.

Door To Door Service

Road freight service is the only method of transport that can provide door-to-door service. This means that as opposed to rail, air, and sea transport, each one of them delivers at the terminal from where the goods are then transferred to the distribution unit. From here, they are dispatched to their destination points. Road freight transport allows goods to be picked up from your point of dispatch and delivered right at the doorstep of the point of destination. This is a very convenient and reliable method.

Maximum Flexibility

Road freight transport offers the most flexibility in time, routes to take, and capacity, as well as the nature of goods. You can easily choose the day and time of delivery that suits you best whereas with rail and air transport they follow a fixed schedule. Road freight transport allows you to ship your desired volume of cargo, whereas air, ship, and rail have a minimum and maximum volume and capacity. With road transport, it is possible to ship fragile, flammable, and toxic items, whereas these would be impossible to ship by air.

Low Capital Cost

Trucks are the cheapest mode of transport compared to trains, ships, and rails, and they don’t need a large infrastructure to support them, such as ports, airports, and stations. They are ideal for small businesses and new startups which have small volumes of merchandise and a limited budget.

Ideal for New and Small Businesses

Due to reduced cost, low risk, and a simplistic approach, road transport is the ideal shipment method for new startup businesses as well as those that are small. Due to a low budget initially, small businesses prefer to invest less capital and take fewer risks. Road freight transport is an easy and simple method that has been used for years and is quite successful.

Packaging Cost Is Less

The cost of packaging is less as compared to other modes of transport. This is most likely due to the fact that road transport is simplistic and not

Fastest Mode of Transport and Easy To Track

Due to less paperwork and stops at customs, road transport is the fastest method and can usually accommodate same-day deliveries. They are easy to track, and you can easily estimate when the arrival time of the shipment will be.

Other Advantages Include:

  • Access to remote locations
  • Uncomplicated paperwork
  • Delivery in local neighborhoods and even across is easily possible
  • There is less risk of damage to goods in transit