How to Ship Large Items Cross-Country?

How to Ship Large Items Cross-Country?

Transporting small-sized packages is fairly simple and easy. All you have to do is drop the item off at your preferred courier company and wait for it to reach its destination. That simple! But it’s when you have to ship large items such as furniture and fragile goods such as television sets that it becomes a problem. Cost is higher for large goods but courier companies have limitations on the weights and sizes of items that they can deliver.

So the question comes up, how to ship large items cross-country? Let our team of professionals handle it for you. Trucking Freight Services provides a genius solution to get any item from one destination to another through our excellent team of professionals. This includes brokers and professional licensed and insured truck operators familiar with local routes of any and every destination nationwide to ensure efficient and reliable delivery of your goods.

Who Requires These Services?

  • • Homeowners who are looking to move to a different location
  • • College students moving into their new apartments or switching between apartments
  • • Business owners who deal with large goods that need to be delivered safely to different locations nationwide

How to Ship Large Items Cross-Country?

Moving large items requires 5 steps to complete.

Choose a Shipping Service

Using LTL shipping instead of a full truckload may save fuel and vehicles. They may also find the most Find out the details of your shipping service. Its rates are according to package dimensions, weight, fragility handling methods, and complete address where it needs to be shipped. Using this information the rate of your chosen shipping method will be calculated. routes to transport their goods and save time and fuel.

Pack Your Item Carefully

Depending on what your item is and who it is going to, its packaging is very important. This means crating, cushioning, palletizing and sealing. This ensures that your items are delivered in the exact condition as they were first dispatched. This is important as you will get an idea of an approximate rate of your shipping cost and an estimate on the time of delivery, keeping in mind any delays that could be expected.

Choose the Method of Shipping

Depending on the location, size, and urgency of your shipment, you may choose your preferred shipping mode. You may choose between the full truckload and less than truckload method depending on the quantity of your freight. With large packages, cost increases, so you will have to find the cheapest best option. You may use intermodal transport that requires freight to go through trucks and ships and back on trucks until delivery.

How Long Does Cross-Country Shipping Take?

Typically, a cross-country move should take less than a week. Usually, it takes up to 2 to 5 days but its best to expect delays, public holidays, and unexpected weather forecasts depending on how far the destination is.

End Note

By ensuring that you choose the correct sized container for your items and properly labeled and packaged items at your end, and efficient and safe transportation at our end, shipping large items can become a simple process after all!