8 Cheap Ways to Move Across the Country

8 Cheap Ways to Move Across the Country

Moving houses can be exciting but stressful at the same time. You might keep delaying it because it seems like so much work and so expensive! You can do some things to cut costs on your big move so that it ends up being easier on the pocket.

1. Declutter and Do Not Buy Any More Items

When you’re moving houses, you either feel like taking everything from your old home, or you don’t feel like taking anything. Choose wisely. Try not to take everything with you because you may want to redecorate, and not everything you have lying around is worth taking. Have a yard sale and try selling some of the old items you are sick of.

At the same time, don’t even leave everything behind thinking you will buy everything new. This is not wise as moving to a new place can be very expensive. Especially in the first few months, so take that lounge sofa and the bed even if it is old and you are sick of it. Don’t leave essentials behind. Filtering items to take can considerably reduce the cost of your move by reducing the weight.

2. Consider Renting a Moving Truck

Look for the cheapest truck rental and consider arranging the move yourself. Trucks can be very reasonably priced and is a great way to move if you want to keep your costs low

3. Consider Renting a Moving Container

These are dropped off at your house by container companies that operate them. They are dropped off at your house for up to three days, and you may fill them up with all your items and belongings. The container is then picked up and delivered to the new address.

4. Consider Using a Courier Service to Ship Small Items to Your New Address

If you don’t have a lot of items, you might as well courier some of your essential belongings via courier service to your new address and take a flight or train ticket and reach your new address and claim your belongings.

5. Never Go with the First Rental Company

Always shop around and ask for rates from other moving companies and rentals. Not all providers have the same rates of service. You might find one that is less expensive than the rest.

6. Save Money Using Recycled Boxes

Instead of buying new cartons and boxes to fill up items around the house, consider visiting your local grocery store and asking if they have extra boxes to spare or used ones that you can borrow. You’d be surprised how much money you can save by not purchasing new boxes.

7. Choose Your Moving Date Wisely

For movers, national holidays, weekends, and summer breaks are usually very busy. They tend to hike up their charges during these times. It would be worth planning your moving date somewhere between October and April in the middle of the week rather than a weekend to get the cheapest possible rates.

8. Have Your Company Pay for the Move

If you’re moving because of a new job, consider speaking to the HR department at your new workplace about their relocation policies. Maybe they can compensate partially or completely for the entire move. This would save you a huge chunk and it's worth a shot!

Load Away!

Now that you have learned how to cut costs on your big move get packing and enjoy the ride!