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Online orders are on the rise, especially since the COVID-19 pandemic 80 percent of all businesses went online. Due to this reason, shipments and delivery services were in great demand. With the click of a button, anything and everything was delivered to you at home. Business owners who also had to shut down their shops due to the pandemic were able to go online and resume working via online deliveries.

Increasingly, businesses are focusing on residential delivery to provide their consumers with the best possible service in the wake of the pandemic.

As a result, customers are more satisfied, and they're getting their orders faster, which helps them create closer ties with them.

Small businesses face the challenge when transporting their goods to retailers, distributors, or customers across the country. The common modes of transport, including trucks, rails, and ships, are unnecessarily extensive and costly for small businesses. They often sell large products with lighter weights, and standard transportation doesn’t provide efficient solutions.

Less-than-truckload (LTL) freight is a targeted service that solves the challenge of small businesses needing to reduce their transportation cost while offering larger trucks for their light in weight products.

This article dives deep into Less-Than-Truckload Freight and discusses everything you need to know about it.

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